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Take Action for Worker Safety at Amazon! 

Amazon’s own internal data shows that workers are being injured in fulfillment centers around the country at shockingly high rates. These injuries are forcing workers to miss weeks of work while they recover and, in too many cases, experience pain for the rest of their lives.


And the vast majority of these injuries are preventable. We call on Amazon to:

  • Identify and address ergonomic hazards in fulfillment centers and other facilities and implement safer workstation designs and practices to reduce the risk of injury to workers;

  • Reduce the speed of work and increase break times to address the hazards of fast-paced, stressful, repetitive work in its workplaces;

  • Provide adequate medical care for employees who are injured on the job.

  • Share readily available information on injuries and illnesses with workers to allow them to better understand the risks to which they are being exposed;

  • Ensure that senior management, the Board of Directors and shareholders all take responsibility for creating safe workplaces; and

  • Engage with worker-led health and safety committees to identify and eliminate hazards in its facilities.


Each of these solutions could dramatically improve health and safety outcomes for the hundreds of thousands of workers in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and warehouse facilities. If done well, many of these changes would cost very little in comparison to the company’s annual revenues and could actually improve the efficiency and reliability of the company’s fulfillment networks. Workers are being hurt at an alarming rate and there is no good reason for Amazon not to take meaningful action to fix these hazards and make work safer.